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July 2018

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    Pear Tarts on the Grill

    Goooooood morning from the woods in GA! Well, it looks like the guys had no mercy on my pear tart I made for dessert last night, in fact, it looks like they had some for breakfast too.

    FYI, this is my new go to tart/pie/biscuit pan. It’s a Weber Grill Pan made out of cast iron, and it’s MARVELOUS. The crust was nice and brown and crispy, and the filling was my own I canned from GA pears I picked last fall.

    Since I “can” because I can, I can apple, peach and pear pie filling from my trees at my Georgia home.  I also get apples from Elijah, GA, so I use my own pie filling when I am creating my tarts. I just use the Pillsbury Pie Crust in a box at any grocery store and put one of the crust on the bottom, 1 jar of my pie filling and one pie crust on top.  Use a fork to secure all edges and brush with Milk – yup Milk. My mom always used milk instead of egg wash, and I sprinkle sugar all over the top for a nice sweet, flaky crust.


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    New Life for a Special Desk

    Here is a piece I took from my sister’s estate. It was an old dirty brown wooded desk, but it really was beautiful. The hardware was all tarnished, so I removed the hardware, and painted the piece with Annie Sloan Old Violet chalk paint. I used two coats and used Annie Sloan Gilding Was in Warm Gold to highlight the edges.

    I washed the hardware, then used Brasso metal polish to bring out the old world charm on the hardware. I am sorry I forgot to take a before picture, it was dark brown stained wood.

    1. I took out the drawers and removed all hardware.
    2. I painted it with Annie Sloan “Old Violet” 2 coats
    3. While it was drying I used some Brasso on the brass handles, still wanted them to look old, so I did one pass with it and took off the heavy tarnish but left some on.
    4. I used clear wax – Maison Blanche antique clear wax, let it dry, then buffed it with a soft cloth.
    5. I used Annie Sloan Gilding Wax in Warm Gold on the edges etc. I used my finger to apply.
    6. A light buff again to just bring the color to peak. Buffing makes the piece shiner so you can buff it as many times to get the piece to look like you want it.



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    Tea-dyed Flag Ball Jars

    So I took those tea dyed flags and separated the stick from the flag for s fun, experimental project.

    I decided to mod podge them onto a ball jar, so here is the first one I made.

    It was a learning curve working with the mod podge. As I make more, I will hope to improve the technique and the outcome of the project, but what a cool way to upcycle patriotic wedding decor or any party decor.


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    Tea-Dyed Flags

    I had a lot of flags left over from my daughters wedding, so I tea dyed them. Yes, I said TEA.

    I put 7 tea bags in a dish, and laid the flags in the water for a couple of hours. That’s it, I love them tea dyed. It’s an easy way to make something look vintage.


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