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Pear Tarts on the Grill

Goooooood morning from the woods in GA! Well, it looks like the guys had no mercy on my pear tart I made for dessert last night, in fact, it looks like they had some for breakfast too.

FYI, this is my new go to tart/pie/biscuit pan. It’s a Weber Grill Pan made out of cast iron, and it’s MARVELOUS. The crust was nice and brown and crispy, and the filling was my own I canned from GA pears I picked last fall.

Since I “can” because I can, I can apple, peach and pear pie filling from my trees at my Georgia home.  I also get apples from Elijah, GA, so I use my own pie filling when I am creating my tarts. I just use the Pillsbury Pie Crust in a box at any grocery store and put one of the crust on the bottom, 1 jar of my pie filling and one pie crust on top.  Use a fork to secure all edges and brush with Milk – yup Milk. My mom always used milk instead of egg wash, and I sprinkle sugar all over the top for a nice sweet, flaky crust.


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