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    Nature Lover Pine Cone Firestarters

      Have a fireplace, a wood stone, outdoor patio fire pit…this not only works great to start your fire, they smell amazing and give you beautiful flames.  I pick these treasures up off the ground around my home in GA, if you don’t have pine trees in your yard, seek out a nearby park or recreation area that is open to the public and get yourself a bag of these gems.  They make great gifts, this is only one way I use them I will be posting more on other ways to use pine cones.

    Tools and Materials

    • White beeswax, old candles, or wax melts
    • Double boiler or crock pot
    • Wire or tongs
    • Dry pinecones
    • Drying rack or towel (garbage bag)
    • Salt of choice (Epsom salts, table salt or salt substitute)
    • twine

    Pinecone Fire Starter How-To

    1. Melt wax to between 150 and 175 degrees. (until melted)
    2. Carefully dip pinecone into hot wax use tongs to turn
    3. Set pinecone on drying rack I use a garbage bag (I can throw away after wax dries) and allow to cool for a few minutes.
    4. Optional…Dip pinecone into wax again and immediately coat with salt. Depending on the salt used, the flames of the starters will burn a certain color (Epsom salts, white flame; table salt, yellow flame; salt substitute, violet flame).
    5. Cut twine into 12-inch pieces, dip into lamp oil soak for about 2 minutes, remove twine and place on towel to dry, tie around the pinecone with a knot and let ends hang
    6. When lighting fire, place pinecones on top of newspaper in fireplace and light twine. Once lit, starters will burn slowly (in desired color) to guarantee that logs light.



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    Beautiful Bedroom Makeover

    I was asked by my friend to makeover her oak bedroom set. It was a large set and she wanted it to be white antique, but with such a huge set, we decided to pull in another color of her choice to break up the white.  She chose Chiffon Cream Rustoleum chalk paint which she found on Amazon, Dixie Belle Mason Dixon Grey on the drawer fronts finished with a Dixie Belle Hi Ho Silver Glaze. On the men’s wardrobe, she wanted to do something different so we used Deep Plum Seas by Chateau Chic and accented the top with the Mason Dixon Grey. I finished everything with Maison Blanche Antique Dark Brown Wax to seal it.  The Grey with he glaze gave the pieces a really cool purple hue and it looks beautiful with a slight shine.

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    Green Beauty Purifying Clay Mask

    Friday Spa Day!

    Purifying Clay Mask, clay masks have long been prized for their ability to detoxify and improve skin firmness.

    One Tablespoon of Clay of your choice

    Enough water, aloe vera juice or apple cider vinegar to make a thick paste

    Also you can use a couple of drops of essential oil of choice, I recommend Vitamin E

    *Use Bentonite clay for normal skin, rhassoul clay for dry skin and green clay for oily skin

    **normal skin will benefit from water and aloe vera juice, dry skin needs aloe and oily skin can benefit from aloe or apple cider vinegar.

    To Make:  Blend all together in a bowl until there are no lumps, just add liquid as you go to create the paste.

    To Use:  Tie your hair back, apply mask to freshly cleansed skin using gentle tapping movements.  Allow to dry 10-20 minutes, then gently wash away with a warm cloth in light circular motions.  Follow with a moisturizer.

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    Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash

    Easy fruit and vegetable wash using organic and natural ingredients to clean your produce. If you’ve been using a vinegar fruit wash or even a baking soda fruit wash with water, you are cleaning your vegetables with natural veggie wash already, but now you have

    an easier solution, homemade veggie wash that’s mixed and ready to use!

    What I love about our homemade fruit and  veggie wash;

    1. 3 Simple Ingredients.
    2. Safe for my family
    3. Can Make Whenever I need
    4. Cute container.
    5. It works.

    Now you can make your own natural fruit and veggie wash! 

    1  Cup of Distilled water

    1 Cup of Vinegar

    1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda

    Mix in a bowl, the water and vinegar, then add the baking soda it will fizz up and get all bubbly, let it rest, then pour into spray container, and that’s it,  simple and easy.

    OR:  I you have a bag of Apples, oranges, tomatoes, lemons, limes etc, you can fill up the sink and add 1 cup of vinegar and 2-tbs of baking soda to the water, immerse your produce and let sit for 15 minutes, use a scrub brush and brush the produce gently.  On soft produce use the spray and let sit for 5 minutes then rinse and dry.   To dry, just lay a towel on the counter and put the wet produce on it and let it air dry before you place in refrigerator.

    Why This Works

    The acetic acid in the vinegar kills bacteria and the baking soda helps to dissolve the wax, pesticide and fertilizer residues found on the skins of many fruits and vegetables. It’ll also rid just-picked produce of any bugs that may be hanging on. Sure beats finding a slug or cabbage worm in your salad!

    Benefits of Making Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Wash

    Making your own produce wash has several benefits: It’s cheaper than store-bought washes, it cleans more effectively than water alone, and it’s made with all-natural ingredients.

    **Tip – make sure your fruit and vegetables dry thoroughly before you put them in the refrigerator, they will last longer when dried.

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    Strawberry Watermelon Margaritas

    Looking for a fresh twist on that summer staple, margaritas? How about a yummy strawberry watermelon margarita for a change? Here’s an amazing recipe for a low calorie approach to this cocktail that I made using my Nutri Ninja.

    Note: this recipe makes a pitcher of margaritas, well…because who can ever have just one. Make it and share it with your friends. It’s perfect for any party!

    • Puree 2 cups of diced seedless watermelon
    • Puree 2 cups sliced strawberries (strain those pesky little seeds)
    • 1 cup your favorite white Tequila
    • 1 cup Key Lime wine (for a more traditional approach, you can use Triple Sec or Grand Marnier)
    • 1 cup lime juice ( I used key limes and regular limes for a nice kick of sour flavor, but you can use regular limes, pre-squeezed lime juice, or even a can of frozen lime-aid and adjust to taste)
    • 1 cup sparkling water (experiment with flavors here – strawberry or lime would be great)
    • Strawberries and sliced watermelon to garnish

    Mix it all up in a blender with ice for a frozen version or just stir into a pitcher (with lots of ice,) chill and serve with a slice of – what else – watermelon and strawberry and ENJOY!

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    Freezing Corn on the Cob

    First, you’ll need to husk corn and remove silk. Then blanch the ears of corn.

    Get your corn huskers to work! Make sure they (or you) do their best to get all the hair off.

    While the corn is being husked, start boiling water. Either in a large stockpot blanch your corn 3-5 cobs at a time, depending on the size of the corn and the size of your pot.

    Plunge the cobs in boiling water for 3 -4 minutes depending on the size of the cob. Larger cobs will be blanched for a longer time.

    Start counting your time as soon as the cobs enter the water. Do not wait for the water to come to a boil again. Remove cobs with tongs. Place immediately into a sink or pot of ice water to cool and stop the cooking process.

    Allow the corn to sit in the water for at least 2 minutes. Keep this water cold. Add ice if necessary. Remove the cobs from the cold water and allow to drain on a beach towel.

    If you are freezing it off the cob….cut the kernels from the cob.

    Set the cob on end and run your knife down the sides cutting off the kernels.  Try not to cut into the cob. I aim for getting off about 3/4 of the kernel.  There are many tools that you can look up and try, but I find a knife works best for me.  It’s easier and I can control it better.

    I use a large cookie sheet to catch the kernels; or use a Bundt pan put the cob in the hole and slice down.

    Be warned… it is messy.  The kernels will spit juicy goodness all over.

    Place the corn into freezer containers. I prefer freezer bags. Remove as much air as possible, seal, label and freeze.

    Tip:  I have tried to freeze on the cob, but I find that when you blanch the cobs they hold water and the corn becomes very full of water and soggy and it dilutes the taste.  I tried not blanching and freezing and still the corn seems to become soft I like my corn crisp.   I like to take it off the cob and put into freezer bags or if you have a bag sealer then that works great too.  I also use my corn in recipes, chowders, stews, soups so I like them ready to grab and use.

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    Blueberry & Sage Detox Water

    This sweet Detox Water is your antioxidant boost for the day. A combination of blackberries and sage ensures those free radicals floating around in your body are kept in check and allows your body to start fighting back. Blackberries are also rich in Vitamin C and many other beneficial trace elements.

    Detoxing Benefits:

    • Blackberries are a super food and have one of the highest antioxidant levels of fruit which helps to fight free radicals in the body. They are also rich in Vitamin C and fiber which have been shown to reduce the risks of certain types of cancer.

    • Sage is full of antioxidants which helps to fight free radicals in the body.


    ½ up blueberries (Fresh or Frozen)
    6-8 Sage Leaves
    1 Pitcher of Water

    *Rinse all fruit and vegetables. Choose Organic if possible. Prick the Blueberries with a fork or toothpick and crush the Sage before you add to water. Let sit overnight.

    Straws…to use them or not – the big debate item right now. Did you know you can order Glass straws or Acrylic in multi colors, or Stainless-Steel Straws (I use with my Yeti’s) on Amazon? Safer for the environment and they look cool too!