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October 2018

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    Duke’s Mai Tai

    Thirsty Thursday….Mai Tai recipe,  It’s from Duke’s…a famous beachfront bar and restaurant in Waikiki. They’ve been making these for years and they have them perfected. I’d suggest playing with the recipe to taste as theirs do pack quite a punch. Add a little umbrella and a cherry on top, play some ukulele music and you’ll be transported to Hawaii. Aloha!

    The Duke’s Mai Tai recipe:

    4 ounce Orgeat syrup –  Orgeat syrup is a sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar, and rose water or orange flower water. It was originally made with a barley-almond blend. It has a pronounced almond taste and is used to flavor many cocktails.

    1/2 ounce orange curacao

    1/2 ounce gold rum

    3 ounces fresh PPOG   (pineapple, passion orange, guava) juice

    1 1/4 ounce dark rum

    Garnish with a pineapple, lime and parasol

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    Caramel Cinnamon Apple Sangria

    It’s Thirsty Thursday! Time for a real treat: Caramel Cinnamon Apple Sangria! Here in Florida, we don’t really get “Fall” as much as others do, but we still like to partake in the Fall rituals like apple cider, pumpkin treats, Fall festivals and the like. However, our weather doesn’t exactly lend itself to getting into the Fall spirit.

    Since it’s still a blistering 95-degrees outside, hot drinks are off the menu. Instead, we like to treat ourselves with a cooler version of a grown-up apple cider drink – Caramel Cinnamon Apple Sangria!

    Here’s how to make a pitcher of this simple, delicious fall concoction:


    1. Place the diced apples in the bottom of a large pitcher. Pour in the cider, wine, vodka and Fireball then stir well to get everything mixed.
    2. If you can make a day in advance and refrigerate overnight, it’s better, but if you’re making it on the fly, just add plenty of ice and chill.
    3. If you want to have a caramel rim on your glasses, spread your melty caramel out on a small plate, dust with cinnamon powder and swirl the glass rim in the caramel sauce or, if you’re using a caramel sauce in the squeeze jar (like the one used for ice cream), just squeeze it so that it drizzles down the inside of the glass..
    4. Add ice, pour your sangria and garnish with a fresh red apple slice.
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    Fall Mason Jar Crafts

    I just love the fall, and I love how these beautiful mason jars create such a warming effect in your home.  They make great gifts, a candle, a vase for flowers or fill them with candy.  These will put you in the mood for the fall holidays.


    Mason jar (any size)

    Fall Leaves (any craft store) **not plastic


    Mod Podge (I used Matte)

    Sponge brush

    Mason Jar LED Tealight Holder (  or a glass votive jar



    A  sponge brush is optional for this project, as some people tend to just use their fingers to apply.  Personally, I like using a sponge brush over a paint brush, and I also use my fingers when necessary.  First, make sure the outside of your jar is clean.  Wipe it gently with rubbing alcohol to get any grease and grime off the outside of the jar.  The leaves won’t stick if the jar is oily or dirty.  Then make sure your leaves are malleable.  Bend them a little bit to loosen them up.  Stiff leaves won’t stick either.  If they are thin, fabric leaves, they should easily form around the jar.  You can also iron fabric leaves as well to loosen the fibers.

    To decoupage, dip your brush in the Mod Podge and paint a thin layer on a section of the jar.  Once that layer becomes quite sticky (check by dabbing your finger on it), place a leaf on the jar.  Paint more Mod Podge on top of the leaf in thin layers, making sure to smooth out the edges.  Start in the center of the leaf and push your way out to the edges with your fingers.  It may take a few layers, but the leaf should stick to the jar.  I had to press a few times to get the leaves to stick; but as the Mod Podge dries, it should, just keep pressing….

    Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to smooth out the leaf so that it is fully secure.  Layer more leaves on top, filling the jar with as many as you desire.  I didn’t cover my jar fully, as I liked some of the negative space in between the leaves so you can see the candle light between the spaces.  Once all the leaves are on, it will take a few hours to dry completely.   Wrap twine or ribbon to top of jar, fill with flowers, candles whatever you want.

    Some tips for completing:

    • Don’t try to get too perfect with laying the leaves down.  Leaves by nature have imperfections and it looks more rustic when all the corners are not completely flush against the jar.
    • Iron your leaves before you adhere them so they become more malleable. Use a damp cloth on top of leaf when ironing.
    • Let the Mod Podge become very tacky to the touch before applying the leaves.  Also, if needed pull off the plastic veins on faux leaves to help them lay better. (The leaves used in this craft don’t have a plastic spine)
    • Use your fingers.  It helps when trying to mold the leaf around the jar.
    • You shouldn’t need to but if you’re concerned about falling leaves, spray the jar with a clear varnish, when you’re done to seal it.

    Painted Jar:


    Paint color of choice (I used orange)

    Paint Brush



    Mason Jar LED Tealight Holder ( or you can use a small glass candle jar and place inside

    Directions:  Paint jar two times, let dry completely, distress with some sand paper, wrap top with twine or ribbon and glue on flower.   **You can use to hold fresh flowers, or put a candle jar.