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    Air Fresheners for the Holidays…

    Don’t you just love the smell of Christmas?  Fresh cut pine trees, spicy cider, crisp winter air, warm cookies, sweet candy canes…so many wonderful things to smell. 

    Now you can bring some holiday aromatherapy into your home by making some Christmas Sprays.  Perfect Christmas air fresheners to infuse your home or office with holiday scents!  Get creative and make up one of your own, share with us please…..

    Making these sprays are simple, just apply the steps for each one.

    Step 1  Add 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt into 2 oz or larger spray bottle

    Step 2  Pick one of the Christmas recipes.   Add essential oils from recipe of choice into the bottle and swirl around with the salt.

    Step 3  Fill rest of bottle with distilled (or purified) water, leaving a little space at top for sprayer.  Attach sprayer and shake to mix.  Label and decorate your spray Bottle.

    Holiday Glow:

    10 drops White Fir Essential Oil

    6 drops Orange Essential Oil

    4 drops Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

    Winter Wonderland:

    10 drops of Orange Essential Oil

    6 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

    4 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

    Christmas Tree:

    10 drops Douglas Fir Essential Oil

    10 drops Cypress Essential Oil

    Candy Cane:

    6 drops Peppermint Essential oil

    6 drops Wintergreen Essential Oil

    4 drops Orange Essential Oil

    4 drops Cassia Essential Oil

    Spiced Cider:

    8 drops Orange Essential Oil

    6 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

    6 drops Ginger Essential Oil

    Gingerbread Cookies:

    8 drops Ginger Essential Oil

    5 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

    5 drops Clove Essential Oil

    Peppermint Surprise:

    14 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

    6 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

    Holiday Cheer:

    6 drops Orange Essential Oil

    6 drops White Fir Essential Oil

    4 drops Spearmint Essential Oil

    2 drops Clove Essential Oil

    Christmas Forest:

    8 drops Douglas Fir Essential Oil

    6 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

    4 drops Juniper Berry Essential Oil

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    Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash

    Easy fruit and vegetable wash using organic and natural ingredients to clean your produce. If you’ve been using a vinegar fruit wash or even a baking soda fruit wash with water, you are cleaning your vegetables with natural veggie wash already, but now you have

    an easier solution, homemade veggie wash that’s mixed and ready to use!

    What I love about our homemade fruit and  veggie wash;

    1. 3 Simple Ingredients.
    2. Safe for my family
    3. Can Make Whenever I need
    4. Cute container.
    5. It works.

    Now you can make your own natural fruit and veggie wash! 

    1  Cup of Distilled water

    1 Cup of Vinegar

    1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda

    Mix in a bowl, the water and vinegar, then add the baking soda it will fizz up and get all bubbly, let it rest, then pour into spray container, and that’s it,  simple and easy.

    OR:  I you have a bag of Apples, oranges, tomatoes, lemons, limes etc, you can fill up the sink and add 1 cup of vinegar and 2-tbs of baking soda to the water, immerse your produce and let sit for 15 minutes, use a scrub brush and brush the produce gently.  On soft produce use the spray and let sit for 5 minutes then rinse and dry.   To dry, just lay a towel on the counter and put the wet produce on it and let it air dry before you place in refrigerator.

    Why This Works

    The acetic acid in the vinegar kills bacteria and the baking soda helps to dissolve the wax, pesticide and fertilizer residues found on the skins of many fruits and vegetables. It’ll also rid just-picked produce of any bugs that may be hanging on. Sure beats finding a slug or cabbage worm in your salad!

    Benefits of Making Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Wash

    Making your own produce wash has several benefits: It’s cheaper than store-bought washes, it cleans more effectively than water alone, and it’s made with all-natural ingredients.

    **Tip – make sure your fruit and vegetables dry thoroughly before you put them in the refrigerator, they will last longer when dried.

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    Laundry Dryer Balls – Dryer Sheets – Jewerly…What do they have in common?

    This is No Joke…

    I make my own laundry dryer balls, from 100% wool yarn and women knee high nylons.

    Benefits of Using Wool Dryer Balls

    • They decrease drying time, saving you money on utility bills.
    • Commercial fabric softeners and dryer sheets are filled with harmful chemicals and perfumes that coat your clothing, eventually ending up on your skin. These chemicals can be especially harsh on sensitive skin. There are no chemicals in wool dryer balls! To here to find out just how bad they are.
    • Commercial dryer sheets can be costly and are thrown away after (normally) one use. Wool dryer balls can be re-used for years, saving you hundreds of dollars.
    • Commercial fabric softeners shouldn’t be used on cloth diapers. Wool dryer balls are perfect for keeping your cloth diapers soft and chemical-free.
    • Wool dryer balls won’t affect the absorbency of your towels, kitchen cloths, or cloth diapers – commercial softeners will.
    • 100% wool dryer balls increase fluffiness and reduce static as dryer loads tumble.
    • Dryer balls help to soften clothes naturally.
    • Dryer balls are made from a renewable resource.

    How do Wool Dryer Balls work?

    It’s simple. They bounce around in the dryer separating clothes, allowing more hot air to circulate through all the garments. As they tumble, the wool balls fluff your laundry, reduce wrinkles, and basically pummel the laundry to make it softer. They do so much more than a dryer sheet by pulling moisture out of your clothes so you don’t have to run the dryer as long. The more dryer balls you have in a load, the shorter the drying time will be.

    ***** IMPORTANT******Maybe you’re using those plastic PVC dryer balls because you don’t want the chemical scents from commercial products coating your laundry. We don’t recommend these, because plastic releases all kinds of nasty chemicals when it’s heated. Ditto for tennis balls. Wool dryer balls are a much more natural, chemical-free alternative to all the other options out there.

    How to Make Wool Dryer Balls (Felted Yarn)

    Choosing Your Yarn

    Finding the right yarn is the most critical part of making these wool balls. Look for 100% wool yarn. Most hobby stores sell it, or you can purchase it online.

    Note: Stay away from any wool labeled “superwash” or “machine washable.” This type will NOT felt.

    Supplies for Making Wool Dryer Balls

    • Skein of 100% wool yarn (NOT wool labeled “superwash” or “machine washable”)
    • Scissors
    • Nylons or knee-high stockings
    • String or cotton/acrylic yarn (to secure the wool ball in the pantyhose)


    1. Start your first wool dryer ball by wrapping the yarn around a couple of fingers 10 times.
    2. Remove the yarn from your fingers and wrap about 10 times around the middle.
    3. Continue wrapping around the ball from every angle. Make your way around the ball, wrapping 5-10 times before moving to a new angle. (There’s no exact science to this. Just keep trying to form a round ball.) Wrap the yarn tightly and hang onto your ball so it doesn’t pop out of your hands.
    4. When your ball is a little bigger than a tennis ball, cut the yarn and pull the end through the ball with your crochet hook, or just stuff it inside with any type of sharp tool. (knive, screwdriver etc)
    5. Repeat Steps 1-4 to make a second wool dryer ball with the remainder of your yarn.
    6. Place your wool balls in your pantyhose, put the hose tight and make a knot in the end, cut off excess panty hose.
    7. Run your wool dryer balls through your washer and dryer with separate loads of laundry until they “felt” and become solid balls. (Mine “felt” in 3-4 loads.)
    8. Remove balls from pantyhose and use in the dryer in place of dryer sheets.

    What do Dryer Balls, Dryer Sheets and Jewerly have in common?

    The money you save from using these Wool Dryer Balls instead of those expensive dryer sheets saves you money so that you can spend it on “More Jewerly”!