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    Fall Mason Jar Crafts

    I just love the fall, and I love how these beautiful mason jars create such a warming effect in your home.  They make great gifts, a candle, a vase for flowers or fill them with candy.  These will put you in the mood for the fall holidays.


    Mason jar (any size)

    Fall Leaves (any craft store) **not plastic


    Mod Podge (I used Matte)

    Sponge brush

    Mason Jar LED Tealight Holder (  or a glass votive jar



    A  sponge brush is optional for this project, as some people tend to just use their fingers to apply.  Personally, I like using a sponge brush over a paint brush, and I also use my fingers when necessary.  First, make sure the outside of your jar is clean.  Wipe it gently with rubbing alcohol to get any grease and grime off the outside of the jar.  The leaves won’t stick if the jar is oily or dirty.  Then make sure your leaves are malleable.  Bend them a little bit to loosen them up.  Stiff leaves won’t stick either.  If they are thin, fabric leaves, they should easily form around the jar.  You can also iron fabric leaves as well to loosen the fibers.

    To decoupage, dip your brush in the Mod Podge and paint a thin layer on a section of the jar.  Once that layer becomes quite sticky (check by dabbing your finger on it), place a leaf on the jar.  Paint more Mod Podge on top of the leaf in thin layers, making sure to smooth out the edges.  Start in the center of the leaf and push your way out to the edges with your fingers.  It may take a few layers, but the leaf should stick to the jar.  I had to press a few times to get the leaves to stick; but as the Mod Podge dries, it should, just keep pressing….

    Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to smooth out the leaf so that it is fully secure.  Layer more leaves on top, filling the jar with as many as you desire.  I didn’t cover my jar fully, as I liked some of the negative space in between the leaves so you can see the candle light between the spaces.  Once all the leaves are on, it will take a few hours to dry completely.   Wrap twine or ribbon to top of jar, fill with flowers, candles whatever you want.

    Some tips for completing:

    • Don’t try to get too perfect with laying the leaves down.  Leaves by nature have imperfections and it looks more rustic when all the corners are not completely flush against the jar.
    • Iron your leaves before you adhere them so they become more malleable. Use a damp cloth on top of leaf when ironing.
    • Let the Mod Podge become very tacky to the touch before applying the leaves.  Also, if needed pull off the plastic veins on faux leaves to help them lay better. (The leaves used in this craft don’t have a plastic spine)
    • Use your fingers.  It helps when trying to mold the leaf around the jar.
    • You shouldn’t need to but if you’re concerned about falling leaves, spray the jar with a clear varnish, when you’re done to seal it.

    Painted Jar:


    Paint color of choice (I used orange)

    Paint Brush



    Mason Jar LED Tealight Holder ( or you can use a small glass candle jar and place inside

    Directions:  Paint jar two times, let dry completely, distress with some sand paper, wrap top with twine or ribbon and glue on flower.   **You can use to hold fresh flowers, or put a candle jar.


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    Flower Power…Pine cones

    Picked up a few pine cones and got some paints, brushes and a cocktail.  Began my masterpiece by painting them on the edges and all over the bottoms to make them appear flowery.  Put a few drops of pine essential and cinnamon essential oils on them.  They smell awesome and look really pretty, will last outside on my tables all winter, no water, no mess, no problem….  Adds great color to any room, you can spray with a clear coat of sealer if you want or add some glitter for Christmas gifts.  The ideas are endless.. share with us what you make, out of one of natures beautiful treasures, the pine cone.

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    Nature Lover Pine Cone Firestarters

      Have a fireplace, a wood stone, outdoor patio fire pit…this not only works great to start your fire, they smell amazing and give you beautiful flames.  I pick these treasures up off the ground around my home in GA, if you don’t have pine trees in your yard, seek out a nearby park or recreation area that is open to the public and get yourself a bag of these gems.  They make great gifts, this is only one way I use them I will be posting more on other ways to use pine cones.

    Tools and Materials

    • White beeswax, old candles, or wax melts
    • Double boiler or crock pot
    • Wire or tongs
    • Dry pinecones
    • Drying rack or towel (garbage bag)
    • Salt of choice (Epsom salts, table salt or salt substitute)
    • twine

    Pinecone Fire Starter How-To

    1. Melt wax to between 150 and 175 degrees. (until melted)
    2. Carefully dip pinecone into hot wax use tongs to turn
    3. Set pinecone on drying rack I use a garbage bag (I can throw away after wax dries) and allow to cool for a few minutes.
    4. Optional…Dip pinecone into wax again and immediately coat with salt. Depending on the salt used, the flames of the starters will burn a certain color (Epsom salts, white flame; table salt, yellow flame; salt substitute, violet flame).
    5. Cut twine into 12-inch pieces, dip into lamp oil soak for about 2 minutes, remove twine and place on towel to dry, tie around the pinecone with a knot and let ends hang
    6. When lighting fire, place pinecones on top of newspaper in fireplace and light twine. Once lit, starters will burn slowly (in desired color) to guarantee that logs light.



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    Metal Animal Boot Jacks

    Tuesday Trash to Treasure”

    We found a place in GA by our home, that we call “The Ft Gaines Walmart” it’s a family that has a barn attached to there home and it’s full of old worn stuff, it’s been there for over 50 years, not so much antiques just junk in general. We have to go there every time we go up to the camp. From Pyrex and glass dishes, cast iron cook wear, rusty old tool, to army cloths, furniture to 8 track porn tapes. Just a mix match of pure junk and we love it. I found these metal made animals and fell in love with them, the boys use them to take off there hunting boots. “Boot Jacks”…




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    Vintage Flour Sifter

    The world’s first flour sifter, patented by Jacob Bromwell in 1819. The handle is attached to the sifter using old-fashioned metalworking techniques, as it has been for over 200 years. They are still made today in America by the Bromwell Co in Vermont. This one is from the 40-50’s and I knew I did not want it as my flour sifter, I liked the look of it and decided I would come up with something I might use it for. After looking at it for some time, I threw a candle in it and made it my candle holder for the center of my table. I love it and light it all the time.


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    Giving Antique Candle Stick Holders New Life

    A friend of mine gave me these candle stick holders. They were simple little pieces that no-one had given any thought to in a long time.

    They were all really dark, ugly gold, so I took some Cece Caldwall Parchment Chalk, paint painted them and distressed them a bit, I then added some soft warm Gold Metallic Gilding Wax by Annie Sloan, and I did a clear wax finish on them. Now, they are ready to return to her home with some pretty candles in them.

    These are sure to light up any room!

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    Reviving an Old Copper Platter

    Here’s a quick project, I picked from a yard sale I attended a few weeks ago. I was told this platter was copper. Well I was not quite sure, it almost looked brass. It was very tarnished. So I took to cleaning it up, I used Brasso, it did nothing.

    So I decided to used vinegar and salt, I poured vinegar all over it then sprinkled salt all over it, then put on some plastic gloves and just pushed it all around I also used a dish scrubber and lightly worked on area’s that needed a little more scrubbing, just don’t scrub too hard it will scratch it. It took about 10 minutes to get all the tarnish off. Then I buffed it out and oiled it. It came out beautiful!


    Tell us in the comments below.