I’m Carolyn Jones and along with the support of my loving family, I am starting this new blogging adventure – Carolyn’s Shedquarters! I’ve been a picker for years and have recently decided to take my hobby public, and thanks to support from my loving husband, Paul, we’ve even created a place for me to focus my creative efforts – it’s my amazing new “Shedquarters.”

As a transplant from Lowell, Massachusetts to the (formerly) small town of Ruskin, Florida, I was thrown into country life, but in reality, I’ve been a picker at heart all of my life I think. We have cows, a couple of barns, even a classic John Deere tractor, so why not add a Shedquarters outbuilding, right? That’s when I knew, I needed to start a blog about all of the fun, creative stuff that you can do at home even if you have no real “experience.” That’s how “Carolyn’s Shedquarters” was born.

This blog is something that I’ve wanted to do for years. It’s not just another DIY blog though, as there are many great ones out there. This site is intended to inspire you to try new things, to look at the world differently and see think about what you could do with some random item that you might come across at a yard sale, picking event or anywhere.

Picked. Pulled. Refurbished.

In addition to restoration-type of projects with furnishings, I want to share some of the “lost arts” like: canning, home-cooking, making your own personal care essentials, your own home essentials, and decor items. We’ll also have some fun around creative cocktail and party ideas too.

I am not a trained professional – just a creative soul that wants to share some knowledge and inspire others to try something new. I hope you’ll not only follow me, but join me on this new journey!